inconceivable1 (inconceivable1) wrote in pct_mods,

Why is lax power still there?

This "new" poster going by the name of lax power has already been banned a couple of times before, if I'm not mistaken. He used to go by the handle of "Dixie" something. The "debate" style is the same, nothing but a string of insults and mass generalizations against prochoicers, followed by Christian evangelism and bragging about his little sports team. Every post he's made recently that I've seen focuses on Scarlet, which is stalking in my book and should be stopped immediately. When creepy religious nutters show an obsession with a particular female or females, it needs to be nipped in the bud right away.

I'd also like to know why it's always prolifers that can't accept being banned and always show an unhealthy obsession with one or two people they single out? Okay, Scarlet and CiCi have had their moments of focusing on Mugen and Vernon, but that seemed mutual on both sides, from my viewpoint. Maybe I'm seeing through biased eyes, but I have never seen a prochoicer latch onto one person and stalk them the way prolifers do, and I don't know of any prochoicers that kept trying to get back in once banned from a site.

This settles it; prolifers are fucking crazy...some just more than others.
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