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Formal debate forum on PCT?

Just an idea. This is something we do on another board I post on.

A) Introduction

The debate and discussion of religious, political, philosophical and social issues is an integral part of the Choice debate. Users will have no problem finding that in the regular fora. The regular forams, however, may not be an adequate place if users prefer more controls. Some users may prefer one on one debates without interference from other people. Some may prefer debates to have more structure. Some may prefer to have more time to reflect on an answer to an argument while ensured that his/her intended recipient is still engaged and following the thread. The goal of the Formal Debate fora is to accommodate these preferences.

II Formal Debates is divided into two important fora: Formal Debate Proposals (FDP) and Formal Debates & Discussions (FDD). The following information explains the characteristics, rules, procedures, and expectations of these fora.

B) The Formal Debate Proposals forum

The purpose of the Formal Debate Proposals (FDP) forum is to provide a venue for PCT users to declare a challenge for a formal debate, and when answered, to build and clarify its parameters. FDP is not a forum for the actual debate of the chosen topic. Other PCT users, not involved in declaring or answering a challenge, can post in FDP threads provided that they are only contributing relevant comments, suggestions, or perhaps some mild banter. Declaring a challenge and debate proposal can take the form of "calling out" another IIDB user or declaring an open challenge to anyone who might be interested. Any user is welcome to issue or respond to a challenge in FDP. Although if you are new to the forum, then it is highly recommend that you post in the regular foram for a while to establish your presence and to get a feel for what kind of content you may expect in a debate.

* FDP Tip: *
Not every user bothers to follow what is going on in the FDP forum. When declaring a challenge, you may want to raise attention to it. If you declare an open challenge, then we recommend subtly mentioning it in an existing thread related to the topic of your challenge in the regular fora. When "calling out" someone, we recommend sending a private message, alerting him or her of your challenge.
It should also be noted that no honoraria are permitted. Requiring honoraria for a proposed formal debate by means of a financial transaction would be considered a form of solicitation which is against the IIDB Rules and Registration agreement.

In order for the moderators to approve a formal debate, the debate proposal must address the following ten parameters:

1) The topic of the debate.
2) The participants of the debate, and what positions they will argue.
3) The scope of the debate.
4) The length of the debate, in number of rounds.
5) Whether statements will be made concurrently or in turns, and if the latter, who goes first.
6) The maximum length of each statement.
7) The time limit between statements.
8) The extent to which quotes and references from outside sources will be allowed.
9) The starting date of the debate.
10) Any additional rules or a debate format that debate participants must observe.
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