inconceivable1 (inconceivable1) wrote in pct_mods,

I'm out of patience.

You know, I've always tried to give prolifers the benefit of the doubt. I've always told myself; "This is the internet, the assholes outnumber the decent types". I don't know if it's because of all of the cancer shit happening at home, the bullshit with MP that forced me to retire Darkmoon, or the recent (but by no means uncommon) Holocaust comparisons that MJ and his/her fellow woman-hater fuckwits have spewed forth, or just a general loathing of life, but I've had it with being reasonable. I'm not a mod anymore, I'm not even Darkmoon anymore. I don't have to pander to these shitheads and I'm going to say exactly what I think.

Scarlet is my idol in this. Fuck the prolifers, fuck diplomacy. I've tried it and gotten bit in the ass for my troubles, and they aren't fucking worth the trouble to me anymore. I'm through compromising, especially when the sick maniacs cheer the ruling that won't even allow women to have a NEEDED, LIFE-SAVING PROCEDURE. If they're going to look at women as expendable breeding fodder, I'm going to treat them like the sick, rapist slave driving fuckers they are.

Goddamned, I'm so pissed. Then again, I have the monthly horribles.
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